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The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra by Pedro Mairal

The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra - Pedro Mairal

This is a great story - a mute man spends most of his life creating this strange work of art. He paints miles and miles of canvasses and is totally uninterested in typical fame and fortune. What drove him to do this? What will happen to the work once he's died? His two sons seem to have lived their own lives in their father's shadow and are certainly dwarfed by his artistic achievement. So how will they deal with his legacy? During their search for the missing roll of canvas, they find there are some aspects of their family's history that may have been left better untouched. 


Mairal's book is basically an art thriller mystery and a lot of fun to read -- kept me fascinated throughout. I'd like to read more of his books when they're available in English.